About the Cosynest

The Cosynest is a wrap-around blanket designed for car seat or buggy. Suitable for 0-3 or 3-6 months.  They make an ideal gift for the expectant mum.

What make Cosynest unique?

The specific design of Cosynest allows parents to strap their young babies into the car seat without need for bulky coats or jackets. The Road Safety Authority Ireland and various European entities recommend parents do not put bulky jackets or coats on babies in car seats as they interfere with the safety of the car seat harness. The Cosynest alleviates this problem and ensures babies are safe and warm when traveling, giving parents peace of mind.

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About the Cosysleep

Cosysleep is a reversible sleeping bag that can bring babies from cot to car seat. This is suitable for ages 6-18 months.

What makes Cosysleep unique?

We have included safety measures that give parents peace of mind. The bag has a front and back opening to allow parents to put the car seat harness through the bag, to ensure babies are strapped in properly in the car seat. The bag has a zip opening at the bottom to ensure babies do not open the bags themselves and gives parents access nappy changing without disturbing the baby.

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