Everyone is talking about the “COVID Stone” and I am no exception. I have put on weight over the last few months from not being as active as I normally am. As the weather gets warmer and the days longer, I am committing to getting in 15,000 steps a day which I think is around 10k in walking. I used to love the gym but nowadays I prefer long walks in the fresh air.

I have been living in leggings, stretchy bottoms for the last year! I am anxious about even trying on my clothes that are busting out of my wardrobe. So I am hoping by openly committing to this that I will stay motivated and hopefully I will feel better mentally as well as physically. If you fancy joining me you can follow me on instagram  or on Facebook

Top ten benefits of walking

Walking 15,000 steps a day will boost your heart health

It will strengthen your lungs

It improves your concentration

It strengthens your bones

Walking 10,000 steps a day builds muscle

It helps stabilize your blood sugar

It can help lower blood pressure

It improves flexibility

It improves your mood